Wuthering Whites

Wuthering Whites

Waking up at 8:59 am for a 9 am meeting is a memory waiting to be painted over with the rushed clicks of heels into board rooms and office corridors. 

Post Pandemic everyone is coming out of their slumber of work from home, with a desire to invest in self-grooming. Putting tons of effort into choosing their outfits and bags, they often tend to neglect the one thing that completes their look. This one thing can either make their outfit or mar the entire look.

Wondering what this one thing could be? They are your shoes.

YES, a pair of good shoes that compliments your outfit is a must when it comes to a sophisticated work attire. 

White defines sophistication, and what doesn’t match a tincture of white? It emanates a sense of pure gentleness that exudes the aroma of elegance. 

With Oceedee, one can never go wrong while dressing up. We’ve put an entire styling guide how you can choose and style your precious in a way that it not only makes your outfit look amazing but makes you stand out in the crowd.

Carolina - Workwear Flats

A white blouse with long structured pants in beige is a perfect combo in every way. Along with a quintessential comfort shoe with a subdued geometric pattern, CAROLINA, you will be all set to rule your workplace.

Zarina - Workwear Mules

When your heart is set on an all off-white look complemented by gold designer hoops, ZARINA is your best bet. The synthesis of the calming beige and elegant white churns out a beautiful Zarina, that will provide a polished and confident advent.

Shirin - Workwear Peep Toe

A little casual and comfy is the best workwear that one can carry. This look paired with a crafted SHIRIN will provide a chic and earthy appearance, thus elevating your workwear.

Mona - Workwear Sandal

A classy, soft and sophisticated look with a little sheen in complementing pastels is a treat to the eyes. Paired with a MONA, which is dainty and intricate, will add to the feminine curves gracefully. With its signature triangles and sophisticated aura, you are bound to make heads turn.

Camille - Workwear Pointed Sandals

Cropped blazers are the most ‘in’ thing in trend currently and styling them can be tricky. Pairing them with contrasting wide-legged trousers and bold gold accessories will add just the right amount of pop to your outfit. To exuberate your joy of dressing, add the classiness of CAMILLE to achieve a perfect concoction.

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