A Pair of Perception

A Pair of Perception

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” 

- Oscar Wilde

Amongst all the hustle and honking of cars, with a half eaten toast in hand, one drags themselves to work. On the flip side, another finds themselves running a full marathon early in the morning, yet reaching work 15 minutes prior. With contrasting approaches to life, an Oceedee Woman struts to the same beat of making her presence felt, striving for excellence.  

Excellence, a word with great magnitude can only be justified with a shoe that can carry such weight. Walking amidst the crowd, one needs to feel their identity, their purpose and how they cause ripples in a world where everyone wants to be heard. 

Boots footwear


If you listen carefully, confidence is a sound that can be heard reverberating through the clicking of heels. When the room falls silent, determination can be heard through the creaking of boots. With the change of each shoe, one steps into the character of the being they want to be that day. And what can be more empowering than being able to choose who you are. Whether in syllables or in silence, in sanguinity or self-consciousness, the correct pair of shoes always prompt towards a gait of change. From a kitchen to a world forum, it is in these soles that women have seen and shown a difference. 

An extension of one's body and soul, shoes have entailed the power to engender hope and dreams in one's veins. The fancy of having to fill someone else’s shoes is equivalent to contemplating embracing a different identity. Almost transcendental in its virtue, standing tall in a pair of heels can give one the confidence of being able to achieve just about anything. At the end of the day, when the shoe finds its way back home, it is the feeling of accomplishment that imbues. 

It's the narrative that each shoe builds, the music that each pair hums.

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