Care Guide for your Leather Shoes

Two Cents on Leather Care

One cannot imagine life without shoe, but owning a pair of perfect leather shoes can be troublesome, ‌especially during the monsoons. The fear of ruining those perfect pairs could keep us from using them more often. But not anymore!

Conscious Storage

It is essential to choose the right place to store your shoes. Do not place them in damp areas as they might develop fungus or molds on them. They must be stored in a dust bag with proper stuffing to retain their shape and silicon must be used to avoid moisture build-up.

Fungus Confiscation

One of the biggest and most serious issues that are faced by us is the development of molds or fungus on our leather pairs. This could induce fear and drive our love for leather away. 

But Oceedee is here for your rescue! Whenever you find fungus building upon your precious ones, all you need to do is take a brush and gently scrape off the fungus from your footwear and apply some shoe cream on the pair.

Let the pair sit and air-dry, and Voila! You've got yourself a brand new shoe all over again.

Drenched Shoes

It is not uncommon to get your footwear wet during monsoon but getting them completely soaked is a big “no no”. And if they do, do not place them under direct sunlight. Instead, place them upside down and let them dry naturally. Air-drying is best as a hairdryer can crack or discolor your shoe. You can also store them with silicon packets instead, to absorb moisture.

Also, leather needs time to dry and recover from the last wear as the footwear gets dampened from the sweat. Hence, it is recommended to avoid using your leather beauties on consecutive days.

Maintenance of the shoes

There is always more that can be done to maintain the sheen and luster, structure, and performance of your shoe. A quality cream or wax polish can be applied on to the shoe after every wear to avoid cracking of the leather. 

Shoe extensions must be avoided. On the contrary, shoe-horn must be used as they help in maintaining the structure of the shoes.

Following these steps should get your footwear going through the season gracefully, after all, who doesn't want their leather pairs to look perfect all the time.

For more such info, stay tuned with Oceedee.

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