REBECCA: The Epitome of Versatility

REBECCA: The Epitome of Versatility

“I have these big black shoes which easily fit into the top five most fashionable items in my closet. The fascinating thing about them is the power they bring to me when I put them on. The dullest days get a few dreamy minutes and the pot-holed roads and the grey carpeted workspaces turn to a runway when I walk. This feeling transpired the idea of ‘Rebecca’.” 

 -Aditi Khorana, Head Designer  

A typical week for a person comprises a myriad of events, from luncheons to dates to heading meetings in the office. And how often do we decide on an entire outfit because “the shoes don't match.” The shoes have the power to implode that “queen particle” and embolden each step you take during your day. With so many important decisions to make, shoes should be an easy match, and an effortless decision to elevate your outfit.

So let us help you decide the outfit to match your shoes. With Rebecca, our favourite from the newly launched fall collection, Void: Spatial Squares, we realised the undiscovered versatility of oxfords. Here’s a guide for you to get through the week and not have to compromise on style or comfort.  

9 AM Solution

 Oxfords Office Wear Outfit

A neat, put together with a neutral look for your office in the shades of rich browns and rust which is accessorized with classic gold hoops and chocolate brown baguette. Our chocolate brown and hazelnut oxford complement the palette.

A Winter Lunch 

Oxfords Brunch Date Outfit

Add a pop to your monochromic print and solid play with the grey and maroon geometric cut oxfords. As the weekend lunch plan with your gang materializes, the question of what to match is answered right here.

Date Night

Oxfords Date Night Outfit

The table set and the menu decided. This pristine black oxford is here to add the oomph to your emerald green and black ensemble. Accessorize it with small emerald drops and a clean-cut industrial clutch.

Stay In and Pose

 Oxfords Work From Home Outfit

Lockdowns and restrictions are hard, but not when after hours turn into random get-togethers. Pair your pristine white jeans with a snug coat and complete your look with Rebecca. 

Whatever be your mood or aesthetic this winter, we have shoes to match them. So now, “my shoes don’t match” won’t be an excuse.

Oceedee has the answer to every shoe question you got! Your perfect guide to walk on the road to success- be it in a relationship, in your friendships, or in your work life!

Shop Rebecca, our versatile pair of oxfords in various shades to your liking.

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