MINT GAZE: A fresh pair of eyes at OCEEDEE

MINT GAZE: A fresh pair of eyes at OCEEDEE

My days pass in pet friendly chewable crocs and my cloddish routine supporting jet black sneakers, but some days are special, days when I want the clacking of my feet to turn all eyes on me and ears halted waiting for my voice, one such day an array of congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Universe trailed me to the website of Oceedee Shoes. 

Each pair of footwear has its own name, a newfound story they could tell - I can almost imagine it, draw a picture of what it would feel like to step into them.


Like Alison, seems as if she likes design - maybe a little too much, trim and artsy endurance look like her taste. 

She could carry work on her shoulders all day long and still be absolutely stern (like a pencil heel) and presentable till night. 

She could also be unapologetic and sometimes give you a little backend support (like block heels do).

I can draw a story from each character OCEEDEE offers - I can be a bit of each of these women every day, I can pick the best characteristics these exquisite shoes offer and showcase it on my feet - carry forward a piece of these ladies with me every day. 

It’s a luxury, a luxury of being the best of yourself, motivated and ready for anything. I think if I have a billion shoes in my closet, I will love the ones that had a name to them the most, the lady that gave me confidence, who became my friend and walked with me all day.

And of course, being the ones that do not sink into my skin after being one hour on my feet - I mean, they’re handcrafted in leather! 

And looks immensely comfortable AND stylish - which I did not believe could go hand in hand. 

OCEEDEE suits the perfect example of Modern India that offers a collaboration of Comfort, Chic, and Contemporary. 

The detailing of each is a craft of its own, handed down through generations of shoemakers, giving stage to traditional heritage in a fast-paced world. Letting a glimpse of couture lustre.  

I think I found my way to my perfect pair of shoes. 

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