“I find the word ‘conscious’ quite forgiving and hope ridden. It jingles invitingly, like a slow tram on the road, which anybody can hop in at any point of time. Being conscious to me is to just take a pause, look around, inspect, ask questions and figure out the way you can contribute to a world which is kind on Nature and kind on People.” 

The quest to embolden the message of consciousness resulted in an array of inspiring conscious stories, with five muses, whom we call Maalin. Our Maalins chronicled their conscious journeys by sharing their four seeds of consciousness they have been cultivating.

“Start with small or maybe imperfect steps” 

- Kriti Tula, Founder Doodlage

  1. Trying to be vegan.
  2. Learning how to compost during the pandemic. 
  3. Creating own bio enzymes for cleaning.
  4. Starting the zero waste Fashion Label Doodlage. 

Discover Maalin Kriti Tula's Conscious Journey

“Control your impulses and Start Making Conscious Purchases”

- Kamna Tripathy, Founder Noupelle

  1. Making conscious purchases, spending on pieces which gives her fulfilment.
  2. Repurposing things. 
  3. Avoiding Single Use not just plastics but anything she owns. 
  4. Learning and adapting to better alternatives.

Discover Maalin Kamna Tripathy's Conscious Journey

“Consciousness starts with Awareness”

- Sanjana Rishi, Sustainability Advocate

  1. Educating herself about conscious consumerism. 
  2. Trying to eliminate single use plastic.
  3. Composting food waste and growing her own food.
  4. Buying second hand fashion items.

Discover Maalin Sanjana Rishi's Conscious Journey 

“Repurposing and Reusing can be a great start”

- Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Singer and Actress

  1. Has completely stopped asking for plastic bags. 
  2. Has garnered the idea of gifting seeds and saplings as her merch. 
  3. Repurposing her mother’s sarees into dresses for her.
  4. Going on a Fashion Diet, i.e, giving a break to purchasing unnecessary clothing or shoes or bags.

Discover Sanjeeta Bhattacharya's Conscious Journey

“There is a real need to slow down and reflect on the choices we are making”

- Niharika Jain, Sustainability Lifestyle Consultant

  1. Growing her own produce and sourcing local ingredients.
  2. Sharing knowledge and learning from each other. 
  3. Leaving a full-fledged corporate career to move into a conscious profession. 
  4. Finding ways to not add to the planet waste, leading an almost zero waste lifestyle.

Discover Niharika Jain's Conscious Journey

Trailing the conscious journeys of our Maalins, one can most definitely become a better version of themselves and jump on to that ever inviting, slow moving, tram of consciousness and start leading a life which is kinder on this planet and its people. 

Start #cultivatingconsciouness  for a kinder world.

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