A SHIFT: From Consumers to Curators

A SHIFT: From Consumers to Curators

What is Conscious Consumerism?

The past year has been a potent reminder of the catastrophic impact of our actions on our planet. When forced to stop and slow down, there has been a significant shift, as people evaluated the repercussions of their action on the environment. But before we jump onto how to #taketherightsteps for a better future, let's understand what conscious consumerism means. 

“Conscious consumerism in simple terms is all about being ‘mindful of your decisions’ by using the tremendous power of knowledge to understand and evaluate the impact and contribution it might have on the planet and humankind.” - Neha Kumthekar, Co-Founder, OCEEDEE.

So how do you embrace conscious consumer?

Research the back story
Understand and evaluate the businesses you like and follow. Observe them and ask relevant questions like - are they transparent in their practices, do they have authentic storytelling, how are they treating their artisans, etc.?

Be a curator and not a consumer

Purnima, a curator who invests in pieces she loves and preserves them donning a custom made pair of Oceedee.

Invest in the long term. As consumers, we have now started giving more thought to buying pieces that offer longevity and value. If you love something that you have thoughtfully bought, it's worth putting in the effort to maintain it and repair and reuse it. 

Shop local, Shop ethical

Our Artisan Sanjay Pal handcrafting a shoe.

The idea of being ethical is rooted in the values of the company and hence is reflected throughout the business chain - whether it is the artisans crafting the product, or the process of sourcing material for the product. It is all a process of taking small steps for a sustainable and conscious future. 

Give Back 
Be an active part of the conversation. Engage with brands to see how you can further contribute to reduce the carbon footprints by taking small steps like repairing, reusing, recycling the product. It helps you become a part of the story. It's these collective steps that will help us build a better and sustainable future. 

Appreciate small steps
Change is always tough, and the overload of information can make the entire process very overwhelming. The goal is to start small and encourage yourself by celebrating small milestones along the way. 

     Your mindful choices are the small steps to a better tomorrow.  

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