The Journey with Constants

The Journey with Constants

As we sat down on a warm winter afternoon to have a conversation with Sanjeev and Arti Sood, we were unaware of the roller coaster of emotions we were about to experience. This match has been each other’s constants for 36 years. A meet-cute at a wedding turned into a beautiful tale defined by each string attached.

From stealing glances to smiling widely as they go through old photo albums, they showed what it feels like to be at home. 

“How do you define constants?”

Quoting Mrs. Sood,To remain the same, through ups and downs, maintaining the value of it”

It’s when you reflect on their answers that you realise that label or no label, we do attach strings. To what extent it gets entangled is a personal call. In each phase of our life, what we look for changes, and the definition of each quality, like understanding, stability, or adaptability, changes too.

The idea of constants remains somewhat similar. The individuals evolve and so does the relationship, but the warmth it holds remains. Maybe constants are nothing but two arms holding you tight when you are at your best and your worst. Maybe it is the space that a person gives for all your thoughts to flow freely. It could take you two years or just two sentences to realise how important they are going to be. 

If we reflect a little more on the word constant and try to explore a different direction, you will find a list of objects you treasure as safekeeping. A memory locked up in a pendant, a filled journal, or even a pair of handcrafted shoes. They unconsciously become a part of your life, for the qualities they reflect, the comfort they provide, or the stability they assure.

Shop for a new pair that can become your constant companion.

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