Porous Lith

Porous Lith

"The nature of space reflects what it wants to be...
In the nature of space is the spirit and the will to exist in a certain way." 

Louis Kahn

Amidst the transcending times, the spaces around us are the only things constant. Natural or built, routine or exceptional, abandoned or inhabited, Spaces are the posing pots of our lives. They protect, propagate, nurture, and transform us. Even the most simply architecture spaces, have their unique story to tell. 

Louis Kahn, a pioneer in the Brutalist Architecture movement, brought this transformative power of spaces to his vision in designing India’s most influential and sought-after business school IIM - Ahmedabad. Kahn’s method of blending modern design with Indian vernacular elements inspired the design process of our Spring Summer’21 collection, Porous Lith.

The blending of modern architecture with Indian vernacular elements at its core makes IIM-A a visually arresting piece.

The strong, bold geometrical façades and light wells formed by exaggerated play of light and shadow inspire the motif of the design silhouettes. Each piece revels in its timelessness and solidity keeping functionality and comfort at its core. The design element with cut-outs and arches, mirror the cooling effect created by the light wells, making the designs an ideal choice for summer dressing.


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