Laces, Tulles and Paces

Laces, Tulles and Paces

Existing emotions like happiness or feeling anxious all have names assigned to them, but when it comes to experiencing them as the bride, even these labels fall short of rightly describing the dichotomous butterflies consuming her heart and soul. From sleepless nights to making sure of every nitty gritty, to marrying the love of your life, to wondering how it’ll be planning a life together - it's a whirlwind of what ifs, what is and what may be. Upon the arrival of one of the most anticipated days in a woman’s life, years of preparation seem insignificant. 

It’s the auspicious hour, the lights have been ignited, the guests have taken their respective seats, the makeup is set, the wedding dress is put on, but oh wait! What does the bride walk down the aisle in?

Getting hold of the perfect pair of shoes becomes a very crucial task. A befitting shoe that would carry the Bride’s excitement, anxiety, crankiness and the serendipitous butterflies is definitely not an easy task to find. Here are our top picks for the most elegant wedding sandals for a bride beseeming the hour.


Julie - Gold and Pink

The bride is under the limelight from the day through the night. Julie elegantly complements breezy night celebrations and brings in a sense of luxury the OCEEDEE way. Matched with the intricate accessories of the bridal outfit, she makes the perfect fit to be sported under the moonlit hour.


Pearl - Gold

Meticulously handcrafted in a magnificent silver radiance, Pearl is the ideal statement piece. The block heel provides a calm walking experience and is the perfect pair to accompany the bride and her various states of mind in grace.


Yasmine - Gold and Pink

Kitten heels have always hit that sweet spot between a dainty appearance and comfort - two things the bride should be effortlessly. Yasmine is the definition of pure elegance and can instantly transform any outfit. Dripping in the richness of the amalgamation of a soothing pink and light gold offers a premium experience in terms of the aesthetics as well as comfort. 


Quinn - Gold

Quinn steals the spotlight with its lavish design. It can be combined with just about everything owing to its rich flush of metallic grandeur. Quinn makes the perfect comrade to accompany the bride in style and brings about a modern spin to the ensemble.


Nadia - Gold and Nude

Nadia is the embodiment of balletic grace; it is delicate and ethereal and instantly compliments the bridal aesthetic. Radiating a vintage charm, it is the perfect match for a bride with an old soul.


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