The Silver Sonnet

The Silver Sonnet

Owing to the ubiquitous nature of colours being coalesced with perceptiveness, we introduced a symphony of a new colour this season, named “Silver Pearlized”. The shade assumes the role of a sonnet, interlacing elegance and poise like poetry. The shade brings about a sense of luxury to the regal, modernistic festive designs. As the reflection of a full moon bathes the harmonized ebb and flow of waves, Silver Pearlized is a shade that reflects on the copious tonalities of the character of the modern Indian woman. Of a benign tincture, it coats the arched motifs with an unmatched feminine energy. The cooler undertones complement lighter colours and act as an accent, lending a hint of sophistication. It acts as a very versatile colour in terms of styling. The shade makes a perfect pair with a waistcoat and straight-leg pants whilst at the same time diffusing a modern aroma to any ethnic or semi-classical outfit.


     As an indispensable aspect of “Ekyam”, the colour brings about a modern sensibility whilst providing a versatile take on the Indian festive designs. Bringing a contemporary twist to the festive look, we’ve paired the gentleness of silver with the calm of ivory- a combination that adds oomph to the existing colour palette.

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