A Shade of Comfort

A Shade of Comfort

Starting right now, festivals will take over most of the year, and because of their characteristics, they nearly force people to take part in it. Dressing up and presenting one's best self is one of the many aspects that play a huge part in these festive times. 

However, the aesthetic of the ensemble takes priority, with ease taking a backseat. Additionally, fashion comfort isn’t a taboo, it’s a reality. 

It is important to keep in mind a few distinguishable qualities before buying a pair of shoes that can be worn for a longer duration of time, especially if you are looking for purchasing women’s flat sandals.

Boiling down to some essential pointers, below are quick tips on how to choose festive sandals that not only have beautiful designs but also shout comfort.

 Top  6 Tips To Look For Before Buying Women’s Flat Sandals This Festive Season 

  1. Heel Height: A 1inch is an ideal pair for you to spend your festivities looking good in comfort. At OCEEDEE we recommend a 1 inch heel instead of a completely flat sandal as it allows a much needed elevation for supporting the arch while also giving the shoes a formal look. 
  2. Heel Style: a kitten heel usually concentrates all the body weight into a smaller area, whereas block heels help balance out the weight over a wider surface space offer more stability and greater comfort.
  3. Cushioned Insole: Make sure the insole has enough cushion. Ideally, a pair with good memory foam will take the shape of your foot, offering comfort over an extended period. 
  4. Leather: Opt for softer leather, such as soft or suede leather, to avoid shoe bites or bruises.  
  5. Size: Ensure that the fit of the sandal is correct not just for the length of the foot but also at the width. This will allow more comfort as the shoe grips at the right pressure points. 
  6. Design: Festivities are all about looking good while you do the running around getting everyone together. If you are someone who enjoys doing this it's of utmost importance to keep the design in mind. We recommend going for a design with an ankle strap or sling back as it will offer better grip and support for the entire foot.

Now that we have a good understanding of what to look for in comfy shoes, let’s take a look at our handcrafted collections for our favorites that can be your sole mates throughout the upcoming celebrations.

Top 5 Handcrafted Women’s Flat Sandals for Festive'22


Pointed Flats Festive Wear - Handcrafted Women Leather Footwear

Flats have, time and again, proven to be effortless. Rich and sophisticated, Sasha is the ultimate festive fix. 

Having the ability to amp up any outfit, these black flat shoes with an accent copper detail are the absolute pair for a relaxed experience during the buzzing festivities.

Style Tip: For an elegant look, pair Sasha with a maxi Kurti or dress and statement earrings.


Flats Festive Wear - Handcrafted Women Leather Footwear

These open-toed backless sliders, called Alaya, are perfect to bring about a modern sensibility in your outfit whilst also defying the idea of pain being a conjoined part of any style. 

Chic and easy in their complexion, these mule shoes are an embodiment of subtle extravagance.

Style Tip: Pair them with long A-Line Kurtis and pants for ultimate comfort and a unique appeal this holiday season.


Flats Festive Wear - Handcrafted Women Leather Footwear

The auspicious hours of light and color only call for shoes that are fit for the occasion. This caged sandal, sprawling in golden splendor, can be strode in for long hours offering utmost comfort as you enjoy the festivities. 

When it comes to the ideal blend of convenience and luxury, Sahara, our detailed caged evening sandal, is the perfect pick. 

Style Tip: Its aesthetic elegance is ideal for an evening look when matched with bodycon dresses to exude a sultry and confident vibe!


Flats Festive Wear - Handcrafted Women Leather Footwear

Festivals propose good company, better food, and one's best fashion game. The Zohra sliders are the perfect companion for a comfortable and festive romp. Graceful and rich in all its senses, the champagne gold blended with the perfect sheen of copper makes it a versatile piece that can be paired with anything that you flaunt the best. 

Style Tip: Our coziest selection for the holiday season looks beautiful with a flared Sharara in subtle metallic tones.


Flats Festive Wear - Handcrafted Women Leather Footwear

As the sun sets and the city gets drenched in light and laughter, Zoya sliders make the best statement pieces to carry along with more contemporary silhouettes and cater to the need to “stand out” amidst the crowd. 

Delicate and poised in its demeanor, these sliders make our list as one of the most comfortable shoes for the modern Indian woman.

Style Tip: Style this dainty pair with palazzos and a straight Kurti to accentuate the elegance!


The forthcoming festive days trigger a very nostalgic chord in almost every person's life, where it becomes a remembrance of joyous occasions. This year, it's time we gear up and waltz into those happier times in your handcrafted best leather women’s flat sandals by OCEEDEEs!

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