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EKYAM: Trusted Strides

“Kaash eyesa koi manzar hota, mere kaandhe pe tera sar hota.”

-Tahir Faraz

The Sanskrit word “Ekyam" translates to the need for oneness. Striking a balance between two things is considered synonymous with harmony, and the world runs on its command. Countless equations tend to get lopsided without the presence of the other. From the simplest example of a candle without a wick to a pen without its ink, our Festive ’22 collection narrates the tale of a wholesome allegiance enhancing the importance of the other half. 

St. Wells Cathedral - Inspiration


Taking a deeper look into the wireframe of design, inspiration typically means a point of connection with something tangible or intangible that stimulates ideas. For a very long time, the designers’ table at OCEEDEE has been inspired by the grandeur of architectural motifs. At this collection’s inception, the white pages were sketched on with various architectural structures that history left as its imprints to find a delicate element to translate into the design motif. “Zooming in further into the concept of arches I drifted towards Architecture, which has served as an inspiration many times for my designs and I came across Scissor Arches, a visually stunning structure deployed as a solution to stabilize the crossing when cracks formed and threatened the structure of the tower at Wells Cathedral.” Aditi Khorana, Head Designer    

And thus, it was fixated upon that our festive collection will be guided through an ambience of unity, symbolized by the arches that seemed to support each other. The scissoring arches created a very vivid image for the development of styles and hence began the intensive research and development on the designers’ front. A new shade was brought to the mix and was named “silver pearlized”. Ethereal in its appearance, the sleek silhouettes, flushed with a festive metallic tinge, were handcrafted by a studio of talented craftsmen that helped make a humble vision become a reality.

Mules - Festive Wear - Women Leather Footwear

The development of the shoes didn’t just end there. We made sure that the end product that gets delivered at a doorstep bathed in celebrations becomes worthy of the occasion. Through multiple trials and fittings, we put together a modern festive fix that provides the best in terms of comfort and aesthetics. The handcrafted shoes cater to the changing needs of the modern Indian woman, who keeps wanting the various tonalities of her being to get reflected through the way she dresses. The silhouettes are sleek, the heels versatile, and the style fit for every typical or unconventional festive occasion. Ekyam puts a spotlight over evening sandals, block heels as well as a range of flats whilst diffuses an unparalleled lush for the festive journey. 

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