Stitching Perspectives

Stitching Perspectives

Imagine, you are an integral part of some Indian festival. The stage is set and you are summoned. All dressed up in an ethnic attire, you take one last peak at your shoe wardrobe. There is an ornate mojari embroidered in phulkari motifs and an opulent pair of golden heels, crafted in the heart of India. What would be your pick, as more Indian?

Aurora - Silver Pointed Mules - 2.5 Inch Stiletto Heel


Because of the involuntary ebb and flow of time, and the few rough spots in the history of this country, our minds have been molded in a definite way. Certain aromas, certain fabrics, certain landscapes, are considered more Indian than the others. Similarly, a pencil heel or a sleek silhouette still has “western” connotations, when in reality, what makes it Indian is the vision.

The Indian hand craftsmanship actualised inside the house of OCEEDEE, coalesced with facile motifs, weaves the lyrics to an alluring symphony. Taking one through a varied number of occasions, our styles provide an essence of versatility that can be strutted in at any hour. An innate sense of lushness and power exudes while one drapes themselves in opulent silk sarees, walking their way in a beautiful Aurora. Dainty blocks like Quinn matched with regal Nawabi ghararas, oozes an unmatched finesse. The essence of festivities is further complemented with an accent of metallics in comfortable yet elegant flats (inset shoe name).

Quinn - Gold Evening Sandals - 3 Inch Block Heel

With the widespread acceptance of the idea of newer innovations, OCEEDEE has brought on a sophisticated crossover, helping blur the harsh lines between western and ethnic wear. Sleek and modern silhouettes of shoes have proven to be excellent companions to the richly crafted Indian garments. 

Just as the term “ethnic” is synonymous with any festival, our shoes, be it flats or modifications of heels, blend effortlessly with the ever so dynamic age of today.

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