What to gift and what not to gift this Valentine’s Day 2021

What to gift and what not to gift this Valentine’s Day 2021

A v o i d  T h e
C l i c h é s.

While searching for the right gift for our special Significant Other (S.O) we came across a lot of cliched gifts for Valentine’s Day. These standard clichés might work well, but a thoughtful gift surely creates an everlasting impression.

We know your first choice would be an OCEEDEE Gift Card for your S.O, but we wanted to do something different and our team has curated a list of super creative alternatives that you can gift this Valentines’ 2021!

1. Red roses? Why not go for something better?

One of the most gifted things on this day, why not switch them for a potted plant that they can nurture. Heart Hoya Plant also called the Valentine Plant has a small heart-shaped leaf making it the perfect house plant to gift. But if your heart is set on the roses, then you can opt for a subscription so that your Valentine receives fresh flowers every day for a week or month.


2. Gift something Home-baked this year

Chocolate is an easy option, but homemade chocolate made and wrapped in love can take this aphrodisiac choice to the next level. Home-baked fresh brownies, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes are some treats that’ll convey your love for them in the sweetest way possible.

3. Avoid this cuddly cliché

Teddy Bears are a thing of the past. Write them a letter or make them a playlist, or make a video for them. These show a little more thoughtfulness

4. Ditch the store-bought card

Express your love with a heartfelt note or card, rather than reducing the day to a mere holiday greeting card. You can go sustainable with plantable paper options too.


5. Photo Frames are outdated

Instead of gifting a photo frame, you can go for a picture book/scrapbook or a personalized sketch of the two of you. You can also gift them a polaroid camera to create endless memories together.

6. Upgrade the scented candles

Regular, scented candles or traditional candle jars are some very common options. You might be surprised to know that there are alternatives for that too. Oil diffusers are multifunctional. They have a therapeutic smell and act as humidifiers during winters. You can also buy flameless candles that are battery-operated.

7. An alternative to Perfumes

While perfumes do make for a lovely valentine’s gift, there is an alternative for that too. We would recommend you to buy ittar for your valentine. Help them find their signature scent.

8. Jewelry? No. Gift them something useful instead. 

This traditional valentine’s gift can be replaced with something that can be more useful and handy for your beloved. Thoughtful gift options include a smart watch, a camera, headphones, or anything else that your S.O might be in need of.


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