Summer Snippets

Summer Snippets

Many veteran photographers have expressed their concerns over the rise of camera phone photography and some publications have even gone as far as calling the phenomenon “death of photography”. But we feel quite differently about the subject. Phone camera photography has made it possible for the stories of ordinary people to be extraordinary…for all the memories to not be performed or posed…the moments just captured in their blazing glory, unabashed and unfiltered. 

As we step into the summer season, we asked our team to share visuals with us which captured the idea of summer for them. Alluring associations and naïve nostalgia…we bring you this accretion of stunning images which are tiny summer windows from our team member’s lives.


G R A N U L A T E D    H A P P I N E S S

Listening to the crashing waves and feeling the salty breeze on my skin, I am transported back to the countless memories of summers spent at the beach. The sun-kissed days, the sandy toes, and the carefree moments that seemed to stretch on forever are etched in my mind like cherished treasures.


F R E S H L Y    S E R V E D 

The sweet juicy taste of the first harvest of the season is a memory surely cherished by all of us. Coming home after school and having a full glass of mango shake used to be my staple. From memories of picking mangoes with grandparents to savoring mango desserts with friends, we delve into the cultural and emotional ties that mangoes hold for so many of us. 


S U M M E R    S L E E P

Since childhood, summers have almost always felt easy, a time when everything made sense. The birds sang sweet and the mangoes tasted sweeter. Escaping the periphery of cold, summers have always been welcomed with evening walks, loaded fruit bowls and the smell of freshly wrung bedsheets - a vivid frame from the memories of July. 


S M E L L   O F    C R E A T I O N

It is an installation at Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022-23. This was an experiential installation as the viewer could walk into the installation and take a breath to realize how one lives in Art. Being inside this setting, standing in one corner which had shade and looking at the sunny side reminded me of summer afternoons, when my mother would put me down for an afternoon nap, but I would sneak out to the terrace and would hunt for interesting materials (some would call it junk) and try to create something. That vivid memory of summer, the smell of creation against the contrast of Sun and Shadow, is my memory of summer. 


S U N N Y   H U E S

Embracing the warmer weather with a pinch of playfulness, fresh Blooms and sunny Hues. As the hot summer sun beat down on my skin, I couldn't help but feel alive. It is a season of freedom and exploration. Spring style is all about shedding the heavy layers of winter and embracing lighter, brighter pieces. After months of cold and dreary weather, there's nothing quite like the sight of delicate flowers blooming and the sound of birds chirping in the trees. 


N A T U R E ' S    D R E A M

This image, clicked on one may afternoon, exudes a feeling of a certain cold that was marinated subtly with the warm rays of light. It created a profound soothing ambience that still continues to persist in my idle thoughts. Today, when I dream of leisure, I dream of Dalhousie and its serenading green terrain.

We are certified lovers of the season. Spring memoirs offer a unique and captivating perspective on one of the most beloved seasons of the year. They capture the sense of hope, renewal, and transformation that spring inspires in all of us. Whether it's reflecting on childhood memories of exploring nature, finding new love during the season of renewal, or experiencing the healing power of spring, these memoirs offer something for everyone.

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