Size Measurement for the right fit

Size Measurement for the right fit

Measure your foot right

The next thing to get your right fit is to get your foot measurements correct. Here are the steps to measure your foot size correctly, but before you do that remember to keep these two things in mind -

1. Always measure your feet in the evening. After a whole day of walking about and working, our feet tend to swell up and offer the most accurate fittings for buying shoes.

2. Each foot is as unique as a fingerprint so make sure you have measured both.


1. Place your foot on a sheet of paper.

2. Draw a line behind your heel and another one in front of your biggest toe. Draw two lines along the widest part of your foot to measure the width.

3. Measure the distance between these lines with a ruler in centimeters and millimeters. 

4. Refer to our size chart below or get in touch with us for customizations.

Size Chart


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