The Right Fit

The Right Fit

What is the RIGHT FIT?

What is the biggest issue faced while buying footwear online, other than of course choosing from all the favourites in your Wishlist?

Getting the size and the fit right!

The question of finding the perfect fit is as daunting as finding the right match for you. So here we are to give you a hand with some tips to find your sole mate. 

Why the right fit -

One size does not fit all and getting the right fit for your shoe is very important to avoid injuries. Ill-fitting shoes can be very painful and fatal in the long run, reducing blood circulation, causing back and knee pain, etc. At OCEEDEE, our mantra for the right fit is to not just focus on the length but also understand the width and the arch of your foot. The ergonomics of these three parts is what makes the fit perfect. 

How to find the right fit?

1. Make sure that the ball of your foot settles well on the widest part of the shoe. 

2. Heels are supposed to fit snugly, but if the front of the shoe feels too tight or your toes feel cramped up, then its best to opt for a wide width. If it feels too loose and the sides of the shoes are flexing, then try a narrower width.

3. If you find that the heel of your foot slips out of the shoe while walking, then try going down by a half size.

 4. It is important, especially while wearing heels that your arch sits well and is supported for a balance of pressure across the foot. 

Now that you know how to find your right fit, check out our next blog post on how to measure your foot size for the best fit.




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