The Fall Winter 22/23 collection takes inspiration from the Constructivism Art Movement.
Constructivist art aimed to reflect modern industrial society and urban space. Constructivist Art focused upon functionality and propagated a marriage of Art and Technology.

The movement started post World War I, when women started going to work, changing the existing narrative of being homemakers and dressing in crinolines and corsets.The campaign aims to draw a similar parallel in today’s India, where women artisans have started going to work in factories, many of them being the first generation of women to step out and work. 

The collection and the communication are ought to be an homage to dynamic women who are constructing new narratives for themselves.

Drawing from the orchestrated curves and turns of Antoine Pevsner Constructivism Sculpture “Dynamic Projection at 30 degrees” a new heel form has been developed for this collection. Coated in steely metallic tone and revering the poetry of mathematics, this “Twisted Block” heel design is resurrected on constructivism principles of geometric primary form, arranged in a space in harmonious order. 

This work is a representation of Constructivism, a movement which believes in a high level of mathematical and technical perfection. It included the use of geometric primary form, arranged in a space in harmonious order.