Our latest campaign #TakeTheRightStep centred around creating a positive interaction with society. We, as a conscious brand, took it into our stride to help and encourage people to #TakeTheRightStep towards getting vaccinated and extend a helping hand towards the process of vaccination.

As we all take slow but steady steps towards getting vaccinated, there are many who are living in the fear and anxiety of the uncharted life post vaccination.

We recently faced this hesitancy amongst our staff and upon hearing a myriad of similar stories, we felt the need to voice and to educate those who are living in the fear of this unknown.

Starting the conversation with our team, reminiscing about the steps they missed taking during these times, the campaign was followed with a token of appreciation for the people who took the right step by getting vaccinated.

“Get yourself vaccinated and OCEEDEE will send you Rs. 1,000/- gift card to show appreciation for taking the right steps!"



Elucidating the skepticism towards vaccination, our guest speaker Microbiologist Dr. Neelam Sachdeva took to Instagram live addressing the hesitancies and myths around vaccination. In this educationally interactive session, she cleared out many of those hesitancies that the audience had been believing in.

In another such Instagram live, a COVID Volunteer and Marketeer, Ms. Chaitali Bhatia, shared her experiences at a vaccination center & deciphered the math of booking a slot and outlined the message to help the less fortunate in the process of vaccination.



 “We aspire to make people aware of the importance of getting vaccinated and taking right steps towards a COVID Free Nation.”



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