Oceedee Straps

Oceedee Straps

Back in the day, shoemakers were solely responsible for each stage of the shoemaking process. Today, quality shoes are made using a nesting manufacturing process which involves dividing tasks among several departments within the production unit as the shoe undergoes numerous stages of production before it is completed.

The leather processing industry produces large amounts of solid organic wastes in the form of un-tanned  (trimmings, fleshing, splits) and tanned (trimmings, splits, and shavings) waste also known as the leather off-cuts.

At Oceedee, we strive to do our bit towards saving and helping the environment by managing our waste production which begins with segregation of the off-cuts generated during pattern-cutting into two piles, based on their varied sizes.

These leather off-cuts are then used for the making of smaller components of the shoes like the ankle strap, counter, shoe accents etc. 

Some of our shoes where these off-cuts have been utilized are featured below:





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